Warhammer 40k Deathwatch - Rising Icarus

Briefing Log

5 123 937.M41 - Watch-Captain Esteban de Dominova

Ref Inq/0512393741-15:089
Author: Watch-Captain Esteban de Dominova
Subject: Mission Speculation
Name: Icarus
Location: Segmentum Ultima
Access Grade: Watch-Captain Classified
Thought for the Day: Inspiration grows from the barrel of a gun.

The Ecclesiarchy has requested aid from the Deathwatch to investigate the Cardinal World of Espandor, as it has gone completely silent and is not answering any hails or calls. While a simple job and above the Deathwatch, the Imperial Guard are 12 standard Terran days away and the Ultramarines are engaged with Tau forces on their borders. The Inquisition has been requested to investigate and being the closest force, the Deathwatch are being ordered to Espandor.

Kill-Team Icarus has just finished their training and taken the Apocryphan Oath. Being the lowest rung on the ladder, it seems appropriate for this to be their first mission. A simple recon mission with the possibility of a rogue element or rebellion or even a massive technological malfunction.

To be safe, however, Icarus will be heading down in a Stormraven. The extra firepower the ship has should be enough to handle any problem that might arise planetside.

Watch-Captain Esteban de Dominova.



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