Warhammer 40k Deathwatch - Rising Icarus


5 123 937.M41 - Watch-Captain Esteban de Dominova

Ref Inq/0512493741-21:183
Author: Watch-Captain Esteban de Dominova
Subject: Mission Speculation
Name: Icarus
Location: Segmentum Ultima
Access Grade: Watch-Captain Classified
Thought for the Day: Excuses are the refuge of the weak

Espandor was practically a trap. If the Imperial Guard or the Ultramarines had touched down, there would have been severe causalities, there is no doubt about that. Not many squads would know how to deal with the undead daemons that killed the population. It’s a small blessing a Deathwatch Kill-Team were the ones to face off against them.

Herapolis was completely devastated. Almost the entire population was killed off by the forces of Chaos, save for the children of the Progenium, Drill Abbot Jason Connigan and Rogue Trader Andore de Haxil.

From reports, Kill-Team Icarus made their way to the Progenium after hearing gun shots and explosions. Upon clearing the Progenium of undead, Brother Lygan Phororak proceeded to take control of the situation, securing the perimeter and gathering whatever resources they could to make a stand.

The Emperor smiled on Icarus, as one of the city’s Astropaths had been among the wounded held up in the Progenium’s bunk. Brother Zuu is commended with healing the Astropath and securing a line of communication between Talasa Prime and Espandor.

From there, Icarus held onto the Progenium for 8 standard Terran hours until they were evacuated to the Shining Star.

On a darker note, there were a number of other complications. First and foremost, Kill-Team Icarus were the victims of sabotage. The Tech-Priests and Brother Anthony Kavu have confirmed that the explosion came from inside the Stormraven and was meant to rupture the containment of the Stormraven’s reactor. However, the explosion did not. The Emperor’s luck and Brother Anthony’s piloting skills are the main reasons why Icarus is still alive today.

On their trek to Herapolis, the Kill-Team encounters a lone Repressor Class APC. The APC belonged to the Sisters of Battle from the Order Pronatus, more specifically the Order of the Eternal Gate. Inside were six undead Sisters of Battle and two undead Inquisitors, whose motives on the planet are unknown by the Deathwatch. Their ship, The Void Walker was found docked on the planet. Inquisition is currently investigating.

And last but not least, the Vile Savants of Espandor broke into one of the Ecclesiarchy reliquaries and stole a number of religious tools. The Ecclesiarchy is cataloging current loses and will not know for at least two standard Terran days what was stolen and what was destroyed.

While the Ecclesiarchy is not happy about about the loss of a number if its holy tools, saving at least a few lives of Herapolis has brought them some peace of mind. Among the progeny, Sylvia Candeer has received commendations commanding the other children during the assault. Drill Abbot Connigan says that she has the makings of a Commissar.

However, there is still some troubling news. Andore de Haxil revealed that the citizens of Herapolis all turned rapidly and at the same time. Corinth, however, was slow. It was one of the reasons they were able to fight back so effectively. On top of that, there were no reports of Vile Savants in Corinth.

The implications do not bode well.

Watch-Captain Esteban de Dominova.



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